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Introduction to Fleas

Fleas are horrible pests that feed on the blood of cats, dogs, humans and wildlife. Once on your pet, fleas can bite up to every 5 minutes leaving your cat or dog itchy, sore and uncomfortable.

Fleas lay up to 40 eggs per day that drop off into the home creating an infestation. Flea larvae hatch from the flea eggs and crawl into carpets, floors and sofas where they become cocoons that can lie dormant for up to a year. Flea cocoons hatch into new fleas that will jump onto pets causing more itchy bites.

cat scratching itself behind the ear

How to tell if your pet has fleas or has brought fleas into your home

You might not know that your pet has a flea problem until it gets severe. Evidence of a flea infestation includes seeing adult fleas on your pets, finding flea dirt (droppings) on pets or bedding, and seeing your pet or your family scratching from itchy flea bites.

What do I do if my pet has fleas?

  • Your veterinarian can help! Don’t let your pet suffer from nasty flea bites. You need an effective product that works fast to stop fleas biting and that kills them before they can lay eggs. Ask your veterinarian for a product that works on the outside of your pet to kill fleas through contact and stops eggs and immature fleas (larvae) from developing.
  • Washing pet beds and vacuuming carpets can help reduce the infestation, but only if coupled with an effective product that kills fleas on your pet now, as well as kills the fleas developing in your home.