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sitting cat Advantage® II

What is Advantage® II for Cats?

A monthly topical flea treatment that works through contact so fleas don't have to bite to die. Controls fleas (including all life stages) and helps to protect against Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). Available from your veterinarian in three different sizes for kittens and cats.

How does it work?

Advantage® II is not absorbed internally when applied to the skin on the back of the neck. It spreads in a thin layer and remains locked in the oil of the pets skin. Contact between fleas and the treated hair coat and skin results in paralysis and death of adult fleas.

Advantage® II not only kills adult fleas through contact, the product also contains the insect growth regulator pyriproxyfen which is distributed into the home on fur and skin shed by the cat and prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing into the next stage of the flea life cycle, effectively killing them.

How does Advantage® II benefit my cat?


Less irritation and discomfort for your cat. Stops fleas from biting in 3–5 minutes. 1-3 Kills eggs and larvae through contact: breaks more flea life cycle stages to help prevent further flea infestation.


Approved flea control available from your veterinarian.

Peace of mind

Satisfaction guaranteed. Speak with your veterinarian for more details.

Where can I buy Advantage® II?

Advantage® II is available for purchase from your veterinarian. In some provinces, you can purchase Advantage® II from your veterinary clinic without the need for a client relationship. Don’t have a veterinarian? Find one that carries Advantage® II near you using the clinic finder tool.

How to apply to your cat

Advantage® II comes in a pre-measured applicator tube appropriate for your cat’s weight. It easily spreads on the skin to provide full-body flea protection on contact.

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Follow these easy steps:

remove the cats collar prior to application

Remove collar prior to application. Remove one applicator tube from the package.

remove cap from applicator tube

Hold applicator tube upright and pull cap off.

use the opposite end of the cap to break the seal on the applicator tube

Use the opposite end of the cap to break the seal.

part the hair and apply entire tube onto the skin at the base of the skull

Part the hair and apply entire tube onto the skin at the base of the skull.

apply product high enough so your cat can't reach it to lick it off

Apply high enough so your cat can’t reach it to lick it off. Do not rub the product into the skin: allow it to dry naturally.